Veltmans Host Lacrosse Clinic in Attawapiskat


















This past summer our family took two weeks to travel and deliver lacrosse equipment and instruction to a remote First Nations Community called Attawapiskat. This community is near James Bay and it is only accessible by plane in the summer and ice road in the winter.   Many people supported us in this endeavor.  This support allowed us to give a positive experience to the youth of Attawapiskat and in turn we came to understand a little bit about the Cree people and some of the challenges they face.


This journey began in January when we decided we wanted to do something special to celebrate Jimís retirement from playing lacrosse.   We posted an advertisement on a Northern newsletter website.  We received many responses; several of them came from Attawapsikat.  We started communication with a member of the band council, Andrew Koostachin.   A short advertisement was shown at Jimís last game to extend an opportunity to others to contribute to this cause as well as to Right to Play.  $12,000.00 was raised at that game.  Right to Play was sent a cheque for $7200.00 and the rest was allocated towards Attawapiskat.  We have some funds remaining (which includes our personal donation) that will be used for another lacrosse related charity.    (Click here for the entire story)



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