......“to give to others what we have been so freely given...opportunities to become who we were meant to be.  And to do this with....clarity of vision, strength of spirit & courage of heart.”


            ......“to use lacrosse, the Creator’s game,  to provide an experience for “in need” communities/children & adolescents that is empowering, inclusive, sustainable and that provides growth that is emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual”.

Action Speak Louder than Words Campaign:  New

         Many have requested ways to assist Spirit of the Stick.  The ASLW campaign is one avenue to nurture the community!

We would like to acknowledge ...

         One of the most important parts of an endeavour like this is the people who volunteer their time and energy and resources to help. We have been blessed by the help of some amazing individuals and, after much discussion, we decided that there are some very special thanks required.

        We have decided to create permanent awards, to be given annually to those who stand out from the others. Our vision truly reflects what it is these special individuals show us with their generosity. So....we have created three awards. At our Annual General meeting each fall we plan to use them, not only as thank yous, but also as a way to honour individuals who are the kind of examples that we wish to emulate.

Clarity of Vision - Casey Zaph Award

Strength of Spirit - Courtney Henderson Memorial Award

Courage of the Heart Award - Cyndi Toth Memorial Award



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